Dingle Hillwalking Club

Beautiful landscape view on hillwalking route Coomsaharan Horseshoe

Coomsaharan Horseshoe

  • Grade: B+ 
  • Length: 15 km
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Height gain: 850 m
  • Extension Option@n/a

Start Point: @ V639 852

Coomsaharn is the largest of six coums carved out during the ice ages in the
sparsely populated valley southwest of Glenbeigh. It holds a lake which is about 2km
This walk allows us to peer down into Coomsaharn and four other coums in the area,
some large and some small. It also takes in three summits over 600m
The circuit of Coomsaharn starts with an approach to the small lake,
Coomnagrossaun which we circle before ascending Knocknaman. Turning south to
Moing an tSamhaidh (Meenteog) we overlook the second lake of the day,
Coomeeneragh from on high.
Heading in a westward direction towards the steep ascent of An Traigh
(Coomacarrea) at 772m which is the highest point of the walk.
Continuing to the Northwest and Teermoyle mountain there are wonderful views of
Coomsaharn lake. Now heading for home, we face a steep descent to a short
narrow arete which leads to the valley floor and back to the finishing point.