Dingle Hillwalking Club

Hiking Grades

Dingle Hillwalking Club. Walk Grades
AUp to 20 km1000m+7-9 hrsyes/noFast
BUp to 16 km700m+5-7 hrsyes/noGood
CUp to 14 km400-700m4-6 hrsnoModerate
DUp to 12 kmUp to 400m2-4 hrsnoEasier

Hiking Requirements

.Please note if the following requirements are not met you may not be allowed to join the walk for your own safety and wellbeing

Essentials :

  • Good Hiking Boots
  • Packed Lunch and Water
  • Waterproof Clothes, Hat and Gloves
  • Rucksack


  • Bivi/Survival Bag
  • Gaitors
  • Small Torch
  • Extra Clothing
  • Walking Stick

Leaders should also be equipped with First Aid Kit, Map, Compass, Whistle and Torch.