Dingle Hillwalking Club

Search Help

You can use the search field to search for words within titles and content of walk descriptions. This can be used to easily find a specific walk or the photos for a specific walk. 

As soon as you start typing, a list with the corresponding walk titles appears and it is updated with every additional letter entered. This “live search” feature is a big help, if you do not know exactly what to search for. If you are happy with one of the choices and click on it, the corresponding walk description is displayed and you can scroll down to the photos, if there are any attached yet. Otherwise you can press Enter at any time and you will get a list of walks containing the word or part of a word you entered and you can browse through the list.

To search for words together, you can use “” around the words (see examples). If you don’t, all the walk descriptions containing any of the words will be found, but the ones containing the words nearest to each other will be listed first.

The search is case insensitive.

Here are a few examples of what you can enter in the search field (just press Enter after typing the text):

  • “grade: d” -> Lists all walks with grade D.
  • easy-> Lists all easy walks (if “easy” is part of the description!).
  • loch -> Lists all walks with “Loch” in the name or content.
  • duin -> Lists all walks, that have “Loch an Dúin” in the title or in the description.
  • lake loch -> Lists all walks near lakes (again depending on the walk description.
  • an searrach -> Will show you the Bulls Head Loop walk, as it is mentioned in the walk description.