Dingle Hillwalking Club

Annascaul Lake / Coumduff Circuit

  • Grade: B
  • Length: 12 km
  • Height gain: 720 m
  • Duration: 5 – 5.5 hours

Start Point: Annascaul Lake @Q582 051

This walk starts at the lakeside and after a short walk back the road we drove in, we immediately start a steep ascent of 515 metres over Carrigblagher Cliffs to the first high point of the day: Cnoc Mhaoilionáin at 593m. A very pleasant ridge walk follows in a westerly direction, with Cnoc Mhaoilionáin West Top the next high point at 563m. An additional 100 meters of climbing is required before arriving at An Bhánog Thuaidh, the last climb of the day at 641m and the highest point of this particular circuit.

Climbing finished for the day we now lose 180 hard gained meters and descend to the coll of Bearna na Gaoithe. From the coll we hug the base of the mountain around the 400 meter level and eventually reach Loch Thuairín Mhárthain. We now cross some boggy ground and pick up the track coming from the plateau linking Annascaul Lake to Macha na Bó. The track facilitates our descent to the lakeshore with the purple cliffs of An Ré Mhór towering over the left side of the valley as we return to our start point.